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Talking to Your Boss About Mental Health Struggles

It can be terrifying to think about talking to your boss about something as personal (and, unfortunately, stigmatized) as mental health struggles. This video will give you some ideas of what to think about before you decide to disclose.


Need to address your struggles mental health struggles with a professional? Contact Dr. Crystal I. Lee for a free 20 minute consultation.



Please note: LA Concierge Psychologist is not responsible for any consequences from individuals disclosing their mental health struggles in their workplace. This video is only educational to give individuals some things to consider when deciding whether or not to disclose.


Seven Qualities You Need as an Adult

Adulting this, adulting that! There are so many things that adults do, it’s so hard to figure out when you’ve finally arrived.

There are seven basic things every adult should know how to do. Watch on to see what they are. Maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know you’re finally an adult!


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Forget Networking! Try Connecting

networking los angeles executive coach

I will be very honest. When I was earlier in my career, the word “networking” felt slimy to me. It brought up thoughts of people using one another, connecting superficially, and being glib. It was the exact opposite of what I liked to do, which was to authentically connect with others and develop relationships with people.

As I progressed further in my career, I realized that I was thinking about networking too narrowly. Yes, for some people, it is just a business transaction, but it didn’t have to be. I broadened my view of networking and began thinking of it as connecting with others and building a professional community. Now I love “networking” because I approach it genuinely and with openness.

I did it by doing five simple things, and it made all the difference. Continue reading


What Self-Care Is (And Is Not)

For better or worse, self-care has become a buzzword. On the positive, people are becoming more aware of the importance to take care of one’s self. However, self-care has become a seemingly empty trend that fuels a massive, monetized industry. People are losing sight of what self-care actually is, which is leading to empty self-care practices that are not healing and energizing. Don’t buy into the hype!

Watch on to see five examples of what self-care is… and four examples of what it definitely is not.


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Natural Consequences versus Logical Consequences

natural consequences logical consequences

You may have read my previous article about shifting from a punishment mindset to a learning mindset. In it, I talk about the benefits of parenting from a learning mindset. I share about the power of using logical consequences. However, in that article, I didn’t talk about natural consequences, which are another powerful tool for learning. Continue reading