Are You Searching For A Convenient Alternative To In-Person Therapy?

As a busy professional, do you work long hours, commute long distances, or travel a lot? Last-minute changes in your schedule due to professional obligations or domestic responsibilities may make it impossible for you to commit to regularly scheduled in-person appointments. As a result, you may often be unable to make it to a therapist’s office.

Have you been unable to find a qualified therapist close to your home or office? Local therapists may not have the expertise you’re looking for, so you may be looking into the possibility of attending ADHD counseling, executive coaching, or autism therapy online.

Are you having trouble connecting your teen or young adult with mental health support? Your child may need specialized help that isn’t available in your area. Or maybe their schedule is too packed to squeeze in a session between extra-curricular activities, and you are worried about the commute time and added stress. Even if they were previously engaged in quality therapy, a recent move might have created a seemingly insurmountable distance between them and their therapist’s office.

You may be struggling to find time to meet with a therapist in person, but that doesn’t mean you can’t connect with one virtually. With online counseling, you or your loved one can get specialized help no matter where you live—and without worrying about existing time constraints.

Modern Life Leaves Little Time For Weekly Office Visits

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There is so much to learn, see, and do in the world. There are more opportunities for career advancement and personal growth than ever before thanks to the technological innovation that has taken place over the past 50 years. And while we all want to lead fulfilling lives, that often means filling up our schedules. As a result, many of our calendars are so jam-packed with activities that we have little to no free time left. When something new comes up, such as the need to meet with a therapist or coach, it’s hard to accommodate.

Fortunately, it’s now possible to connect with friends, loved ones, and colleagues online. Today, our devices and internet connections are much faster and more affordable than just 10 years ago. They are also easier to use, especially for people who grew up with technology. So, while it may have become more challenging to meet with a therapist in person, it has become easier than ever to meet with one online.

Online Therapy Is Accessible And Convenient

Also known as teletherapy, web therapy, or distance counseling, online therapy is an effective alternative if you’re too busy to make it into a therapist’s office but still want or need the support of a skilled psychologist. When you opt to talk to a therapist online from the comfort of your home or office, you will enjoy many practical and therapeutic benefits:

Practical Benefits Of Online Therapy

  • Saved time by not needing to drive to your therapy appointment
  • Reduced stress by bypassing traffic and parking hassles
  • Additional privacy by avoiding being seen going into a therapy office
  • Increased convenience by accessing services from home
  • Greater flexibility to have therapy on the go if you’re out of town or just need to squeeze in a session between appointments

Therapeutic Benefits Of Online Therapy

Online therapy will feel different from visiting a therapist’s office at first, but most people adjust quickly. Most importantly, web-based therapy is just as effective as office-based. In fact, some find it works better because it allows them to connect with an experienced therapist regardless of where they live or work. Many people also find it easier to open up when they’re sitting in the comfort of their home, in their pajamas, holding their favorite cup of coffee. For those with busy schedules, online counseling offers more consistency and, often, better results.

Some therapists have only been offering online therapy sessions since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, but we’ve been providing online psychotherapy for five years. Our experience with this therapy medium means we know how to utilize this method of treatment effectively and can get you up and running quickly and smoothly. When you use online counseling, you won’t have to worry about making time in your schedule for driving, fighting your way through traffic, or finding a local therapist who can meet your needs. Instead, you’ll be empowered to focus entirely on your personal healing and growth.

As you consider online therapy, you may have some questions. . .

How does online therapy work? What are the technical requirements?

We use a secure online meeting program called This internet browser-based program doesn’t require you to download anything or even to set up an account. From your computer, tablet, or cell phone, simply click the secure link we’ll provide to enter your private virtual meeting room. As long as your device is connected to the internet and has a camera, microphone, and speakers, you can use it for sessions on If a last-minute change in your schedule prevents you from being able to access, we can do a phone-based therapy session instead.

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Is it private?

Some therapists offer Skype or Zoom therapy sessions, but these platforms aren’t fully compliant with HIPAA privacy rules. exceeds HIPAA rules—it utilizes advanced, end-to-end encryption and allows clients anonymous access. And, since you aren’t coming into my office, you won’t have to worry about running into anyone you know or having someone see you when you’re feeling vulnerable.

I’m not sure now is a good time to start or continue therapy.

If you’ve been dealing with stress and uncertainty, you may be tempted to wait until things get “back to normal” before starting or resuming therapy. But if you don’t address your mental health concerns now, they might get worse. According to the Mayo Clinic, the psychological effects of stressful life situations can build up over time, and a person’s symptoms and anxiety often get worse if left untreated. By getting the support and guidance you need now, your mental health concerns will likely be easier to overcome.

Enjoy The Comfort, Convenience, And Effectiveness Of Online Therapy

Dr. Goldman and Dr. Lee are licensed in California; if you live anywhere within California, they can work with you online. Dr. Lee is also licensed in Nevada, which enables her to work with Nevada-based clients. Visit our contact page to send us a message or to set up a free, 20-minute phone consultation using the buttons below.

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