Short-Term Consultations

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Not everyone has the financial means to benefit from ongoing concierge therapy or teletherapy. As an effort to increase accessibility to services, I provide consultation services. Time-limited and short-term consultations are available in person to those on the Westside of Los Angeles and via teletherapy throughout California.

What’s the difference between consultations and therapy?



  • Focused more on problem-solving and taking action (more akin to “coaching” or “life coaching”)

  • Appropriate for specific, less complex, time-bound issues

  • Doesn’t address deeper issues that may continue to cause ongoing struggles 

  • Financially more accessible because of it’s time-limited and short-term nature

  • Can be completed in one intensive, longer session or over the course of several one-hour sessions

  • A combination of exploration, reflection, problem-solving, and action (blends skill-building and coaching with talk therapy) 

  • More appropriate for long-standing, complex issues 

  • Addresses deeper, underlying issues to enact long-lasting change

  • More growth-oriented process

  • Typically a 6-18 month investment

Example of common issues that benefit from short-term consultation are: