College Transition

The transition to college is often underestimated by parents and teens alike. If a student did well in high school, it’s assumed they are well prepared for college. It can be true that your teen is academically ready, but they may be lacking in other important areas.

Make sure that, wherever your college-bound kid goes, your child is prepared for all the rigors of college. I’ve seen numerous students whose college experience was derailed because of struggles with executive functioning, interpersonal savviness, healthy habits, and essential life skills.

Instead of guessing whether or not the college transition will be a success, employ a professional who has helped countless families prepare for the college transition. Working in conjunction with your team, I will help you craft a transition plan that takes into account your child’s unique strengths and areas of support.

Unlike college counselors and teachers, I will assess areas of readiness beyond just academics. I provide a 360 view of your child’s college readiness and then build an individualized college transition plan. I can help you put together a team to help implement pieces of the plan, or I can do the work with your college-bound teen in individual sessions.

Gap Year

Sometimes after conducting a thorough assessment of college readiness, it’s determined that college is not the next best step. Gap years are becoming more popular in the states, and with good reason. It’s an opportunity for teens to mature and learn skills needed to be successful in college. However, without structure and planning, gap years can sometimes become a year or longer of hanging out, sleeping in, surfing the internet, and playing video games. I can help curate an effective gap year plan that will help your teen be ready for college.


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