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I’m Dr. Crystal I. Lee (she/her), a clinical psychologist in Los Angeles, licensed in California (PSY 26527) and Nevada (PY9019). My therapy specialties include “failure to launch”, adult autism, adult ADHD, and unhappy professionals. I also specialize in neurodiversity-affirmative adult autism assessments. My life’s passion is to help others grow through life, achieve their goals, and become the best version of themselves. For the past 20 years, I’ve worked with individuals across the lifespan— helping children flourish, adolescents find their way, young adults launch, and adults thrive.

My success with such diverse clients stems directly from my ability to deeply understand my clients’ perspectives and needs. From there, I precisely personalize evidence-based approaches to their specific situations; I recognize that each client’s unique situation calls for a different therapeutic approach. No matter the client’s goals, I always join them in a compassionate, non-judgmental partnership to help my clients achieve their goals and move forward in their lives. Sessions are a blend of exploration, reflection, problem-solving, and action.

Please note that Dr. Lee no longer provides free 20 minute consultation calls, due to lack of availability in her schedule.

My Professional Journey in a Nutshell

  • Earned my Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology, Sociology, and Education from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
  • Worked at UCLA’s acclaimed Lynda and Stewart Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital for numerous years
  • Earned my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Baylor University, which is widely considered the best Psy.D. program in the United States
  • Directed and developed programs for adolescents and emerging adults struggling with the transition to adulthood (or, as others like to call it, “failure to launch”), such as a life skills coaching program and a residential/independent living program
  • As a Residential Director, gained a deep appreciation for parents’ struggles, as I was responsible for these young people’s development while they lived in my care
  • Left my director position to work with clients individually again and opened LA Concierge Psychologist
  • Desired to develop a different, more convenient and responsive kind of therapy practice. After much thought, I developed my concierge model of care
  • Grew my business to become a premiere boutique group practice that serves neurodivergent clients using neurodiversity-affirmative care

My Other Professional Endeavors

  • Vice President of Board of Directors for the non-profit Psychologists of Color
  • Board member for the non-profit Disability Community Resource Center (DCRC)
  • Former board member (six year tenure) of the Los Angeles County Psychological Association (LACPA), current LACPA committee member
  • Regularly present at professional conferences and treatment centers to train other psychologists as well as conduct community workshops to educate the public
  • Quoted on various topics in over 70 different media pieces, including radio and television segments
  • Co-authored a chapter in a book about helping individuals with language-based learning disabilities successfully transition to college and adulthood
  • Supervise doctoral trainees, post-doctoral psychology fellows, and newly licensed psychologists doing psychological and neuropsychological assessment and therapy
  • Provide clinical consultation to therapists and psychologists about autism and psychological assessment

Contact Information

phone number: (424) 272-6650

I am licensed in California and Nevada and am able to work with clients physically located in those states. I only provide services via teletherapy.