You can see the life you desire so clearly. You think about it constantly, but it feels like you’re lost in a forest and you’re trying to reach a mountain top that’s completely out of reach. It feels impossibly far and high. You look around, and you’re in a sea of trees, blindly trying to move forward.

Do you forge on, getting scraped up and battered by the journey? Becoming exhausted beyond belief?
Perhaps you give up. You decide that the mountain top is not for you. Life down in the dark forest is not so bad; it’s tolerable.

How about a third choice? You find a person who has supported hundreds of individuals find their way out of the darkness and reach the summit.

The work will still be hard, but the path will make more sense and your goal will start to feel achievable. And you won’t be alone. Someone will be with you through all the struggles, provide insight when needed, encourage you to keep trying, and celebrate with you when you reach the top.

Want to try the 3rd choice?


Dr. Crystal I. Lee

Owner, Clinical Psychologist (CA PSY26527, NV PY0919)
Enjoys working with neurodivergent emerging adults and adults; specializes in “failure to launch”/transition to adulthood, adult autism, adult ADHD, and executive coaching.
Conducts adult autism assessments in California and Nevada.

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priscilla barajas los angeles psychologist

Dr. Priscilla Barajas

Clinical Psychologist (CA PSY22289)
Enjoys family therapy as well as working with black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) adolescents and emerging adults; specializes in anxiety, depression, and cultural identity struggles.

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jen goldman los angeles psychologist

Dr. Jenifer Goldman

Clinical Psychologist (CA PSY31311)
Enjoys working with twice exceptional high school and college students (e.g., gifted plus ADHD or autism); specializes in anxiety, perfectionism, depression, and trauma.

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Dr. Melody Marin (formerly Abbene)

Clinical Psychologist (CA PSY29249, TX 38786)
Enjoys working with autistic and ADHD-er emerging adults; specializes in chronic illness management, anxiety, depression, trauma, and disordered eating, high sensitivity. Now offering autism assessments in Texas and PSYPACT states.

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