LA Concierge Psychologist FAQ rates

How much does your monthly retainer cost?

My rates are comparable to other licensed psychologists on the Westside of Los Angeles. The cost of working with me reflects my sought-after skill set and unique concierge model of care. Think of me as you would a medical specialist with a coveted pedigree. There are very few clinicians who have my specialized training and professional experience, much less provides house calls. To calculate the cost of your monthly retainer, multiply the number of hours you desire to see me each month by $300 (per 60 minutes).

If you don’t need my specialized experience or the benefits that come with concierge therapy, then working with me might not be the best fit. I have many wonderful colleagues that provide services using the traditional therapy model. I would be happy to refer you to them!

Does LA Concierge Psychologist take insurance?

I am not in-network providers with any insurance panels. For clients with PPO insurance plans, I provide a superbill upon request. I give this directly to clients so you can see exactly what information I am sharing with your insurance plan; the information I include is what is necessary for insurance to consider reimbursement. You use this to apply for reimbursement from their insurance company.

In the spirit of full disclosure, submitting a superbill requires me to give you a diagnosis. Additionally, your insurance may ask for your therapy records. As many of my clients desire the highest levels of privacy, this may be undesirable.

Does LA Concierge Psychologist have a sliding scale or provide any discounts?

As concierge therapy is an exclusive service that is only offered to a limited number of individuals, I do not offer a sliding scale or discounts. 

I don’t think I can afford your fees, but I’d really like to work with you. What can I do?

I recognize that not everyone has the financial means to benefit from on-going concierge therapy. As an effort to increase accessibility, I provide time-limited consultation services. This is great for individuals with very specific, short-term issues. Click here to learn about the benefits of consultation. I’m also available for private small-group workshops and short-term groups. Please contact me to discuss your desired topic.

Some clients elect to see me via teletherapy because it allows them to have shorter sessions, which are more affordable. For example, a 45 minute teletherapy session is $225.

Additionally, I offer opportunities to learn via my blog, Facebook page, and speaking engagements. Subscribe to my newsletter or follow me on social media to stay apprised of my speaking engagements. If you’d like me to speak at your school, organization, or group of peers, please use the contact us form to submit your request.

I don’t live on the Westside, but I want to benefit from your expertise. What can I do?

If you live adjacent to the Westside of Los Angeles, you can pay an additional travel fee to receive on-site therapy. Additionally, I provide therapy via secure video chat to clients across all of California. This is known as teletherapy. Teletherapy has been shown to be as effective as in-person therapy when using more directive modalities. If you’re unsure if your needs are appropriate for teletherapy, schedule a free 20 minute consultation to discuss the situation with me. I will give you my honest opinion.

If we meet in my house, won’t you judge my decorating skills and how messy it is?

Definitely not! For some, it can be anxiety-provoking to have a therapist in your home. I assure you that judgment is the opposite of how I operate as a psychologist. Meeting in your home is supposed to be for your convenience and comfort. If you absolutely are uncomfortable with my coming to your home, we can meet via teletherapy (secure video conference) instead. 

Do you drive around town in a special LA Concierge Psychologist car?

As fun as that might be, I don’t. It would compromise your privacy… and I’d probably feel very self-conscious driving around in a branded car!