How to Create an Effective Living Agreement: A 15 Minute Mini-Training

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I’ve heard mixed thoughts from parents about using living agreements with their emerging adult child living at home. Some say that living agreements feel too business-like and cold. Others report that the living agreement didn’t work. There are many that swear by using one. Most parents are willing to give it a try, but they aren’t sure how to go about forming one.

I’ve done parent workshops on this topic numerous times. I thought it’d be helpful to take my 1.5 hour-long workshop and distill it into a mini 15 minute webinar style training. I’ll explain why a living agreement is important, what areas you should consider setting boundaries around, and the five essential principles of creating a living agreement. Continue reading

What the Research Says about Teens and Electronics Use

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One of the parents in my Grown and Not (Yet) Flown group, an online support group for parents of teens and emerging adults, asked me to speak to the effects of electronics use on our teens and emerging adults, and I thought I’d share my findings it with my blog readers, too.

Instead of just talking anecdotally, I actually went to the research. I read a bunch of articles and shared some findings in my video and added some more findings in the body of this article.

Continue reading

Survive the Holidays with 5 Emotion Regulation Tips

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It’s no surprise that feelings of anxiety and depression increase during the holiday season. You’re surrounded by impossible standards of holiday cheer round the clock and the pressure to do it all, be it all, and buy it all is overwhelming. Thankfully, there are five things you can do to stay even-keeled and regulate your emotions this holiday season. No stress-driven emotional outbursts for you! Continue reading


8 Tips to Handle Family Holiday Stress

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Everything seems to get heightened around the holidays— celebrations, joy, expectations… and stress! There’s often immense pressure to adhere to family rituals. Sometimes there’s unrealistic expectations that holidays should be a certain way. As a result, we overextend ourselves physically, financially, and emotionally during the holidays. It can feel easier to just go along with things rather than rock the boat, especially when you know there’s an end date to the stress. But how do you manage the stress in the meantime? Continue reading

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How to Effectively Communicate Your Concerns

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There are times in everyone’s life where they need to share their concerns or assert a boundary. You don’t want to be submissive, and you don’t want to be aggressive. Finding that perfect balance to achieve effective assertiveness can be difficult. Thankfully, using the “DEAR MAN” method can help you effectively communicate your concerns with friends, family, and coworkers. Continue reading

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8 Ways Lawyers Can Manage Stress and Burn Out

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Being a lawyer is stressful. There’s no getting around that. Frequently, you have so much work that you can’t possibly fathom how you’re going to finish it all on time. If you leave that stress and overwhelm unchecked, you’re at risk for burning out. This can cause you to make mistakes at work or delve deep into a depressive episode.

Chronic stress can also weaken your immune system, which can result in a downward cycle of getting sick, missing work, getting behind, becoming more stressed, getting stick again, and so on. It also can cause muscle aches, digestive issues, and high blood pressure.

You’ve invested a lot of time into building up your career. You might feel like you have to power-through everything and be super man or super woman, but that’s counterproductive. Continue reading


Why C-Suite Execs and Successful Professionals Love Concierge Therapy

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CEOs and other high-achieving, successful professionals often find themselves isolated. There’s immense pressure to measure up, and you often lack people to confide in or lean on for support. There’s a general expectation that you are always in control and have all the answers. That kind of pressure can be crippling on its own. But then add to it the fact that high-achieving professionals rarely have time for self-care, quality family time, or work-life balance, you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Continue reading

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What To Do If Your Employees Hate You

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You recently realized that your employees hate you. Maybe you caught on to little clues, like they avoid you, tense up when you’re around, or can’t maintain eye contact when speaking with you. Or maybe, like some of my Los Angeles executive clients, people lodged complaints against you with HR or other managers shared feedback that people dislike you.

It’s never a nice feeling, to be disliked (or event hated). You could easily dismiss it as a personality mismatch or working with idiots. After all, you’re the boss, and your employees should just get in line and do their job. Who cares if you’re well-liked? Continue reading