The day of college drop off is filled with a swirl of competing emotions– you’re proud of your emerging adult, and you’re going to miss them like crazy. You’re happy… and you’re sad. You see your child becoming an awesome adult, and you wish you could hold on to him forever. This video will give you three main considerations for the day of college drop off.

Watch video #1, the summer before the college drop off.


Key takeaways:

  1. Let your college kid take the lead. This means letting go of control over the process (I would not organize my room like that!) and refraining from making judgments about how they’re doing things (why haven’t you unpacked all your stuff yet?) and their new roommate (he looks like a troublemaker).
  2. Accept that you’re going to forget something. By being prepared to be forgetful, it takes some of the stress and chaos out of forgetting something. And if you stay calm, it’ll help your college kid feel reassured that everything will be fine. Even if you forgot to pack your kid’s extension cord.
  3.  Strike a nice balance with your parting message. The trick is to let your college kid know how much you love him and will miss them, but that you’re going to be okay without them. You don’t want to become a huge mess, which puts your college kid in the position of needing to take care of you, when she’s already struggling to keep it together herself. The last thing you want is for your college kid to feel obligated to come home all the time to take care of you and miss out on a fulfilling college experience.

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