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You’ve dropped your baby off at college… now what? Check out this video and learn what three things to keep in mind for a smoother transition.

Watch video #1, the summer before the college drop off.

Watch video #2, the day of the college drop off.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Give Your College Kid Some Space. You’re probably going to miss your college kid a lot. But don’t call your emerging adult constantly. They need space to begin this new chapter of their life. Instead, figure out an agreed upon day and time that you’ll talk. Also decide upon a frequency of calls– every week? Every other week? Don’t be hurt if your college kid says every month!
  2. Be Supportive. I don’t mean throw lots of money your kid’s way and solving any and all issues. Give your college kid moral support and be empathetic to their struggles. But don’t give into the temptation to do things for them or on their behalf. Feel free to ask them guiding questions to help them solve their own problems, though.
  3. Make a New Life for Yourself. Just as your child is starting a new chapter in life, so are you! This is the time to create a new, fulfilling life for yourself. Discover new hobbies. Return to old ones that you had to drop. Make new friends. Go out on date nights!

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