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As someone who works with emerging adults (18-20 year olds) already in college or graduated from college, I know how important college fit is. I’ve seen how a poor fit in terms of academics, campus community, and supports can really hurt a person’s ability to thrive in a college environment. I’ve also seen students who transferred to somewhere that’s a better fit were able to really flourish and make huge progress.

I don’t want to perpetuate the myth that there is a perfect college for everyone. However, I do think it’s important that people understand that not every college (no matter how prestigious or well known) is a good fit for every student. Picking a college that fits you best encompasses more considerations than just reputation and finances.

Here are some questions to consider when deciding if a college if the right fit for you:

Basic Considerations

  • Do I want to go to school close to home or further away?
  • Do I want to live in a bustling city or a quieter locale?
  • Can I effectively navigate a large, sprawling campus, or would I be better off somewhere smaller and easier to navigate?
  • How safe is the campus?


  • Can I learn effectively in large lecture-style classes, or do I need smaller class sizes?
  • Does the college offer majors that I’m interested in?
  • Do I learn best in a competitive environment or collaborative environment?
  • Does the college offer the academic supports I need to succeed?
  • What is the college’s philosophy towards education?
  • In how many years does the average student graduate?
  • What kind of career services does the college provide?

Campus Life

  • Do I prefer big college campuses where I can feel more anonymous, or do I want a smaller student population where people are more likely to know everyone?
  • What kind of new student orientation does the school provide?
  • What kind of clubs and extracurricular activities does the college offer?
  • How diverse is the campus?
  • What’s the quality of eateries on campus?
  • Are there activities that I enjoy doing near campus?
  • Do people on campus generally seem happy or are they mostly stressed out?

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