Parents of Teens and Emerging Adults

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Unfortunately, sometimes even the most capable children don’t thrive in the real world. They might experience “failure to launch”, struggle with “adulting”, and end up back home. Or perhaps they never left the home, and they’re struggling to find their way and become independent enough to leave the nest.

When you look at your teen or emerging adult, you’re filled with a swirl of complicated emotions. You love your child, but you’re frustrated, anxious, and feeling hopeless. You struggle every day to find a way to get your kid unstuck and living up to his/her potential. The more you try to help, the worse your relationship with your child becomes. You end up in endless arguments… or worse, your child stops talking to you altogether. Eventually, you begin wondering if your child will ever be independent. You think this situation might be permanent.

It’s not! Your child can get unstuck and launched into a meaningful, thriving life. The depression, anxiety, and shame your teen or emerging adult feels will fade away. A newly resilient version of your child will emerge. A version that has friends, can hold on to a job, live independently, and feel successful.

Stop torturing yourself and struggling alone!

Using my unique in-home, concierge therapy model, I gain a deeper understanding of the situation and forge a stronger working relationship with your child. Through a highly effective blend of coaching and therapy, I’m able to help your teen or emerging adult get unstuck, build resilience, and cultivate a meaningful, thriving life.

Common issues I help with are:

  • The transition to college

  • The transition to adulthood and fostering independence (i.e., “failure to launch” issues)

  • Electronics addiction (i.e., internet addiction, screen time struggles, video game addiction, cell phone addiction)

  • Restoring positive relationships between parents and their teen or emerging adult child

  • Parenting teens or emerging adults with neurodevelopmental disorders (e.g., Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, learning disabilities)