Impostor syndrome can sneak up on you at any point in your career, but I’ve found that young people in the workforce tend to struggle with this the most. Even the most talented, competent workers can feel like they don’t belong or are less qualified than their peers. Thankfully, these self-defeating beliefs can be addressed and overcome. Here are seven concrete strategies to use to overcome impostor syndrome.

Key Takeaways:

  • Know that you’re not alone in this feeling. Lots of people get impostor syndrome throughout their career, especially at points when they’re going through a transition.
  • Make a brag list– Remind yourself of achievements, your unique talents, and positive experiences.
  • Separate your feelings from the facts. Just because you’re thinking it, doesn’t mean it’s true! What swirls around in your head is not reality.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others. Instead, focus on what you can do to improve yourself and your work. Compare yourself today only to yourself yesterday.
  • Let go of what you think is the ideal way to be or do something. In life, there is rarely a “right” way to do something. Just the best way to do something, given the timing and circumstances.
  • Acknowledge that needing support doesn’t mean you’re an impostor. No one does it all by themselves; everyone needs someone.
  • Do the work to address the roots of your insecurities. Even if you do all the things, you’re doomed to repeat what you don’t repair.

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