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CEOs and other high-achieving, successful professionals often find themselves isolated. There’s immense pressure to measure up, and you often lack people to confide in or lean on for support. There’s a general expectation that you are always in control and have all the answers. That kind of pressure can be crippling on its own. But then add to it the fact that high-achieving professionals rarely have time for self-care, quality family time, or work-life balance, you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

Some cope by turning to alcohol and drugs. Others find refuge in affairs and no-strings attached relationships. You might just chug along at an inhuman pace, causing major health scares. Whatever you decide to do, it usually doesn’t work. Not long-term at least.

You Can’t Afford to Not Be in Therapy

Without support, your life slowly begins to fall apart. It might start at home with your family and marriage. Your relationship with your partner sours. You find that your kids are angry with you, and you’re not sure why.

Sometimes it starts at work. Little things begin to slip. You avoid returning phone calls or start skipping meetings. Then your relationship with the board or employees starts to strain. You may even find that your previously great leadership skills are faltering. It’s hard to be an effective leader if you’re in poor psychological shape.

How Concierge Therapy Helps Executives and Other High-Achieving Professionals


One of the biggest barriers to therapy is lack of time. Once you factor in traffic there and back plus finding parking, a 45 minute therapy session turns into a 1.5 to 2 hour commitment. That’s just not doable for a busy professional.

Thankfully, concierge therapy eliminates that hassle. I come to you and meet you in your office. A 60 minute session with me is literally just 60 minutes of your time. And if you don’t have 60 minutes to spare? We can meet via phone or secure video conference for shorter sessions. Again, no logistical hassles. Just hop on the call and get your support.


Typical therapy requires a weekly commitment. One where you meet your therapist the same day and time week after week. That’s not feasible for most successful, high-level professionals. Your work demands change from week to week.

I get it! Concierge therapy means you purchase a monthly package of hours, and you use them however you see fit. You can see me on different days and times throughout the month if needed. And we can mix and match in-person, phone, and video chat sessions to fit your needs.

Direct Access

How annoying is it when you’re trying to reach someone, and you have to interface with their assistant who is clueless to who you are and what you need? Concierge therapy means you have access to me, your psychologist and the person who knows you.

Ultra Private Services

The biggest fear of my high-profile clients is that someone will find out they’re in therapy. Sadly, there’s still a stigma around therapy, so I completely empathize with my clients. And with successful professionals, the stakes are higher. Unfortunately, sometimes boards will use “mental instability” as an excuse to oust a CEO.

Lucky for you, my services are likely the most private you’ll find in Los Angeles. Because we bypass using insurance, you won’t have a diagnosis on file following you around for the rest of your life. Also, I use paper files that are double-locked, so you don’t have to worry about someone hacking into your files and accessing private information. When I come to you, your employees and assistant think I’m just another one of your many, many work meetings. No need to make excuses about why you’re leaving work for a couple of hours to attend therapy. And because I’m a psychologist, not a “life coach” or “executive coach” (which are unregulated fields), I uphold the highest standards of privacy and confidentiality (i.e., HIPAA).


Instead of making you fit into a certain mold of what therapy should be, I personalize my approach based on your needs. For executives and other successful professionals, this often means blending an action-oriented approach with a supportive, exploratory approach. It’s a particularly effective blend that works really well for people who want no-nonsense support.

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