Our rates are comparable to other established and reputable clinical psychologists on the Westside of Los Angeles. The cost of working with us reflects our doctoral-level training, sought-after skill set, specialized training, and unique concierge model of care.

To calculate the cost of your monthly retainer, multiply the number of hours you desire to reserve in your psychologist’s schedule each month by their rate. Drs. Abbene and Barajas’ rate is $333 per 60 minutes. Dr. Goldman’s rate is $367 per 60 minutes. Dr. Lee’s rate is $400 per 60 minutes. For example, if you’d like to reserve four hours in Dr. Barajas’ schedule for the month (four 60-minute sessions), that would be a $1,332 retainer. If you’d like to reserve 3 hours (four 45-minute sessions) in Dr. Lee’s schedule for the month, that would be a $1,200 retainer.

If you don’t need a doctoral-level therapist with specialized experience or the benefits that come with concierge therapy, then working with us might not be the best fit. There are many wonderful therapists who are generalists and/or provide services using the traditional therapy model. Using an online directory may help you find a therapist that is a better fit. Therapy Den and Inclusive Therapists are two reputable online directories we know of.