On-Site Therapy

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A doctor that provides house calls?!

It’s true! I will come to you, wherever you are on the Westside. No more schlepping around, dealing with road rage, or taking two hours out of your day for a 45 minute therapy session. Have therapy in the comfort and privacy of your home, office, or other location.

What’s so great about in-home therapy?

Practical Benefits

Therapeutic Benefits

  • Saved time by having the doctor come to you

  • Reduced stress from bypassing traffic and parking hassles

  • Additional privacy by avoiding being seen going into a therapy office

  • Clients unable to leave the home can still access services

  • Parents save money from no-show fees because sessions don’t depend on the teen or emerging adult following-through with appointments

  • A working relationship develops more quickly when I see you where you’re most comfortable

  • I learn more about you (and faster) when I’m in the same environment and surroundings you’re in

  • I can provide more hands-on and relevant support by being in your home or office

  • Support and interventions can be given in the moment as situations unfold

On-site therapy is available in the following Westside neighborhoods/cities:

  • Brentwood

  • Santa Monica

  • Westwood

  • West LA

  • Mar Vista

  • Culver City (West)

  • Palms

  • Marina del Rey

  • Playa Vista

Live in the Pacific Palisades, Bel Air, or Holmby Hills? Or adjacent to any of the above neighborhoods?

For an additional travel fee, you can still benefit from the convenience of on-site/in-home therapy.