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Don’t Forget to Enjoy Your Teen or Emerging Adult

Just a friendly reminder to all the parents of teens and emerging adults out there… Don’t forget to enjoy your kids! Don’t make all of your interactions about reminders and serious discussions about the future. Balance it by spending enjoyable quality time with them and celebrating what they’re doing right! At the very least,you want to aim for a ratio of 1 negative interaction to every 10-12 positive interactions. Continue reading


Frequently Asked Questions about FERPA

FERPA california college transition anxiety

Chances are, you’ve spoken to your teen’s teachers or school administrator at least once. More likely, you’ve probably communicated with your teen’s school numerous times over the years. You’re used to being in the loop. That’s why so many parents are shocked when they learn that they have no access to your college kid’s academic records. Colleges are subject to a federal law called the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). FERPA sets privacy standards for student educational records and information. Now that your child is an adult in the eyes of the law, FERPA protects their privacy from everyone… including you!

FERPA can be a confusing concept for parents. So hopefully this list of frequently asked questions will help you navigate what you can and cannot access. Continue reading

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Teaching Medication Management to Your College-Bound Teen

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For college-bound kids who take medication, medication management is of paramount importance. All too often I’ve seen college students struggle because they inconsistently take their medications or run out of their meds. Instead of hoping that your college-bound child will know how to manage their medication when they land on campus, intentionally start helping them learn how to while still in high school. If your teen builds good habits in high school, they’re much more likely to continue them while off at college. Continue reading


How to Support Your Homesick College Kid

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Your kid goes off to college, and you’re both hoping that it will be some of the best few years of their life so far. But then you get the dreaded call or text saying that they’re terribly homesick. What do you do? Unfortunately, there’s no one size fits all solution to this situation because each child is so different. Here are five things to consider that should be helpful. Continue reading

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How to Help Your Over-Scheduled and Stressed Out Teen

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There’s a lot of pressure on teens to “succeed”, and sometimes there’s equal pressure for parents to raise kids that succeed. However, this pressure is leading teens to burn out and falter. You’ve seen the signs that your teen is over-scheduled and stressed out. So now what? There are five concrete ways you can help your teen. Continue reading

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6 Signs Your Teen is Over-Scheduled and Stressed

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Today’s teens, especially where I am in Los Angeles, are often over-scheduled and stressed out. Their schedules are packed with extracurricular activities and endless homework. Instead of getting much needed sleep every night to recharge for the next day, teens stay up late trying to finish homework and study for tests. Even the most capable high-achievers begin to crumble under the pressure. Your formerly kind, calm tween transforms into a tangled ball of stress, anxiety, irritability, and heightened emotions.

Continue reading