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Seven Qualities You Need as an Adult

Adulting this, adulting that! There are so many things that adults do, it’s so hard to figure out when you’ve finally arrived.

There are seven basic things every adult should know how to do. Watch on to see what they are. Maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know you’re finally an adult!


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Natural Consequences versus Logical Consequences

natural consequences logical consequences

You may have read my previous article about shifting from a punishment mindset to a learning mindset. In it, I talk about the benefits of parenting from a learning mindset. I share about the power of using logical consequences. However, in that article, I didn’t talk about natural consequences, which are another powerful tool for learning. Continue reading

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Shift from a Punishing Mindset to a Learning Mindset

logical consequences

I’m throwing out a challenge to all parents: the next time your child makes a mistake or a poor choice, instead of punishing your child, try implementing a logical consequence.

You might look at my challenge and think, “this is just a matter of semantics” (and it kind of is because, in psychology, a punishment is a type of consequence). What I’m really trying to do is shift your mindset from one of frustration, anger, and disappointment to a mindset of learning and growth. Continue reading