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Therapy and Your College-Bound Teen

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Your teen struggles with their mental health. It may have been on and off during particularly stressful periods of their life, but you know they are prone to anxiety, depression, and burn out. Knowing this, it can be overwhelming thinking that your child is moving out without the needed therapeutic support. It might be tempting to ignore this important facet of the transition to college, but I urge you not to. If you do, you risk your college-bound kid struggling incredibly… possibly to the point of needing to withdraw. Fortunately, you have some options. Continue reading

Supporting College Readiness

college readiness college-bound

As a psychologist known for assessing and supporting college readiness, I receive calls each summer from anxious parents. They’re worried that their college-bound child might not be ready for college. Honestly, I wish more parents reached out to me (and earlier). Why? Because, sadly, many of these teens aren’t ready for the independence of college. Continue reading


Saying Goodbye to Your College-Bound Kid (Part Two of Three): The Day Of

The day of college drop off is filled with a swirl of competing emotions– you’re proud of your emerging adult, and you’re going to miss them like crazy. You’re happy… and you’re sad. You see your child becoming an awesome adult, and you wish you could hold on to him forever. This video will give you three main considerations for the day of college drop off. Continue reading


Saying Goodbye to Your College-Bound Kid (Part One of Three): The Summer Before

Saying goodbye to a child heading off to college is bittersweet. You are so proud of your college-bound child. All the tough years of parenting have paid off, and you’ve successfully gotten your child to the next phase of their development. You’re also a big mess because you’re going to miss your baby like no other, and the house will not feel the same without him or her there. There will literally be an empty space where he or she once was. It’s totally natural to feel full of joy and dread at the same time.

It’s a rollercoaster ride of emotions that can be broken down into three phases: Continue reading

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10 Ways to Build Resilience

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Did you know that one in four college students struggles with their mental health? This is not a surprise, given how stressful college can be. Students leave behind the familiarity of home and their established support systems to live and learn with a bunch of strangers. This is why I speak at conferences and write about the importance of preparing for the transition to college. It’s also why building resilience is so important. Continue reading


Graduation is Nearing, and I’m Freaking Out!

college graduation transition to adulthood los angeles

I originally wrote this article for an undergraduate newsletter and thought it would be fun to share here as well. Enjoy! 

Graduating college can be a thrilling accomplishment, and it can also be the cause of a lot of stress. You were independent in college… but you’re going to be Independent (yup, with a capital “i”) once you graduate. Ugh, that sounds really heavy, right? Continue reading