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Unhappy Professionals

You are a busy individual, and your time is precious. In Los Angeles, even driving 5 miles to see a psychologist can eat up 20 minutes of your time. Imagine the luxury of having your psychologist come to you and meet with you in the comfort and privacy of your home, office, or on-set trailer.

“Concierge therapy” is the perfect fit for the discerning c-suite professional or high-profile client who has unique needs that go beyond the traditional therapy mold. Join forces with a psychologist who has experience working with this kind of clientele and understands the unique challenges you face.

Common issues that my clients struggle with are:

  • Relationship issues stemming from the demands of their career
  • Handling the stress of being responsible for the well-being of a company and its employees
  • The career they have is no longer fulfilling, and they feel stuck
  • Coping with the emotional and physical stresses of the cut-throat entertainment industry
  • Struggling to cultivate and maintain genuine relationships while working in the entertainment industry
  • Overwhelming anxiety or sadness stemming from constantly being judged and/or lack of privacy
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