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Parents of Teens and Emerging Adults

Parenting is a tough job. You pour love, time, energy, and resources into your child with the hope that, when the time comes, your child will thrive in the real world. High school graduation looms, and you hold your breath and hope for the best.

Unfortunately, sometimes even the most capable children don’t thrive in the real world. They might experience “failure to launch”, struggle with “adulting”, and end up back home. Or perhaps they never left the home, and they’re struggling to find their way and become independent enough to leave the nest.

The future may seem bleak or hopeless. Tension between you and your child may feel unbearable. You might ask, “Did I do something wrong?” or wonder, “Will my child ever be independent?”.

Stop torturing yourself and struggling alone! If you’re trying to successfully launch your adolescent child (13-17 year old) or already have an emerging adult (18-29 year old) struggling, I can help. Through my unique “concierge therapy” approach, I will join your family in partnership and begin to help your child get unstuck, build resilience, and cultivate a meaningful, thriving life.

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