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Managing Teens’ Risky Behavior

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If you haven’t experienced it first hand, you’ve certainly heard that teens are prone to risky behaviors. Watch this video to learn about adolescent brain development and how to manage your teen’s risky behaviors based on that information.


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Is Your Teen Ready for College?

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college readiness transition to college consultation

Transitioning from high school to college can sometimes feel like a precarious leap, instead of the manageable next step in the journey to independence. Oftentimes, students who are successful in high school find the transition to college to be a challenge because the work is faster paced, the instruction is less specific, and the academics are more competitive. College requires students to be more independent, self-driven, and organized. Additionally, the social scene can feel intimidating and more stressful than in high school. (more…)

Developmentally Appropriate Life Skills Your Child Needs to Have

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developmentally appropriate life skills

You want the best for your child.  You want to shelter them from pain and suffering. It pains you to see them struggle.

Sometimes in our efforts to help our children get through life unscathed, we actually do them a disservice. We’re so busy getting them from point A to point B as a happy, healthy person that we might’ve helped them become a teen or young adult with no basic life skills or resilience. Paradoxically, by trying your best to help your child successfully deal with the trials and tribulations of life, you might have inadvertently set up your child to struggle in their young adulthood.