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Top 5 Ways to Bomb Your Next Job Interview

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Interviews are the time to really shine and win over your new potential boss. This is your first real impression, and you want it to be positive. I originally wrote this article many years ago after going through a hiring process where I interviewed dud after dud. A shockingly high number of people forgot basic aspects of interviewing. And it makes a big difference. If I only have 30 to 60 minutes to get to know a person, you better believe that I pay attention to all the data at my fingertips! (more…)

My Secret Steps to Acing Your Next Job Interview

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Being unemployed or underemployed are the most frequently noted struggles of my emerging adult clients. Their reported major pitfall? Not being able to “wow” in a job interview. They may be bright, friendly, and a perfect fit for the job, but they come across as underwhelming in the job interview. When asked what gets in their way, oftentimes, my clients report feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and/or underprepared. That’s when I know I need to employ my tried and true plan to help clients ace their job interviews.